Spoken Word: Too Many Fish

"Too Many Fish" was written and performed by Mark Durksen for Grace Toronto Church - Downtown's inaugural two-service Sunday. The piece humourously explores the inconveniences of adjusting to a multi-service format while pressing in further to discover that such burdens are actually blessings. Mark Durksen is a rapper, YouTuber and spoken word artist from Toronto, Ontario that brings faith, comedy and hip hop together to inspire fresh perspectives on ourselves and the world we live in.

If you’re unable to watch the video, read below for the full transcript.

Do you remember when church started at a respectable hour?
Enough time for breakfast and showers
Sleeping Beauty
Feels like you slept in a tower
And rolled up to Grace looking fresh as a flower

And we finished before noon
You get blessed, then you’re done
In time to meet your best friend on the West end for lunch
But these days?
I guess we’ll get brunch?

Can’t wait ‘til after the late service
I feel a bit woozy
Double crackers at communion
And three of the juice please
You’ll need to excuse me
If I don’t eat I get moody
Catch me sneaking in snacks like I’m seeing a movie

Or 11:15
It is now time to choose, people
And you wanna know why?
We got a whole bunch of new people

And praise God, amen?
It was filling up in here
Too many fish for the tank

Nah, too many fish for the net
Like you spent the nighttime with a limited catch
Then Christ’s like, “Use the right side”
And you fill it to stretch

That’s John 21
And we’re not looking done
‘Cause the next act is Acts where he gives them his breath

And they sung in all tongues
“Death isn’t a threat
‘Cause Christ did it instead
But now he’s risen again”
And 3000 were baptised
But there are billions left
So we can chill and ask why
Or we can give them our best

And that’s hard work
Some of us’ll even start church the same time they start work
Just remember that it’s God’s work, not our work
That makes things grow
That’s yard work
And makes us beautiful
That’s artwork

Spoken Word: Mark Durksen
Videography: Nathan Michel

Faith, CultureKaty Togeretz