What makes human connection possible in a city where hustle and isolation are the norms?

Members of the same small group and good friends, Simon and Denise want to host a wider conversation about community for the readers of Imprint. They are launching a series of online interviews to explore our longings for and obstacles to friendship. Their questions are familiar ones:

“How can deep connections of intimacy be formed in a sleepless city like Toronto which houses a myriad of different stories, cultures and beliefs, a city where crammed schedules are the norm and time itself is a rare commodity?”

“How can the church instill Christian love when surrounding it, the idea of love itself has become narrowed and consigned only to romantic intimacy, and the bonds of friendships have been diluted into mere digital connections on social media?”

“How can love enter people when the inherent facelessness of the city itself breeds feelings of fear, isolation and loneliness, and the sense of self- preservation and the fear of judgement create walls around each other’s hearts?”

These interviews explore themes of loneliness and friendship, of vulnerability and interdependence, and the risk and reward of love.

Articles coming soon!