Published November 2018

The old and new issue

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This edition of Imprint features the theme, “Old and New.” We think this highlights an important part of our story as a church—that we are a new church inhabiting an old church building—and inspires curiosity about the historical changes in our neighbourhood and city. The theme of “Old and New” also allows us to explore important biblical themes (Matt. 9:14-17, 2 Cor. 5:17, Eph. 4:22-24, Rev. 21:1-4) and can even provide a way to explore themes of death and decay in light of the gospel’s hope.


Letter from the Editor

Old is giving way to new in all parts of Toronto, and for as much as we stand to gain, there is also much we might lose.

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First Generation

The mysteries of my grandfather, a modern man.


In Praise of Smelly Curtains

I learned the joy of cooking from an immigrant mother whose sole instrument for measuring was her index finger.


Potato Bolani in the Park

From Afghanistan to Toronto, Malika Rasoli is building a new community and sharing the taste of Afghani cooking.


Ordinary Time

I reach to check her blood pressure and listen to her chest because she says she is unwell.


Finding Refuge in Allan Gardens

What secrets of the city could this park tell?


The Hungry Teeth of the Ages

I long for a notion of history that invites us to take up the openness of the present.


Old and New Issue Team

Ian Cusson, GCA Director


Timothy Wat, Creative Director
Kevin Chiu, Graphic Designer
Wasim Hossain, Photography Editor
Bonnie Wong, Graphic Designer
Michelle Yick, Graphic Designer


Jen Michel, Lead Editor
Kate Lane-Smith, Associate Editor
Martyn Wendell Jones, Associate Editor
Katrina Togeretz, Digital Editor


Denise Bantum, Sarah Currie, Elita Fung, Jill Goodman, Ms. Siu Man Ha, Jeffrey Hynds, Gloria Iu, Aditi Jain, Joe Kan, Dan Macdonald, Nathan Michel, Catherine Noble, Gwen Sampson, Simon Sheung